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Search for Prospects 50 Results

Our system will not allow you to see any contacts records beyond the first 50 it shows. 

For Example, if you are searching for a Dentist in Philadelphia and you added the filters

Industry: Dentist

Location: Philadelphia

Our system will show you 50 of 5655 matches, You wouldn't be able to see companies #51-5655 as our system will only show 50.

There are several ways to trim the list or display different matches (See screenshot)

-Drag or move the actual map, as the mao moves the companies update

-Select a Minimum or Maximum valuation rage

-Add an industry to search by if you haven't

-Zoom in

-Zoom Out

In short, you will only ever be able to see 50 companies at once but as you change or update your search criteria the list of companies the left side will change and update based on the updated criteria.