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Can / Should I charge for this service?

If your home office or broker-dealer allows you to charge clients for BizEquity reports, we as a company have no issue with you doing so.

While we do not like to dictate pricing to our users, you understand your specific marketplace better than we do. We do have a few guidelines.

A business owner can navigate to our corporate website and run a 7 step business valuation, at the end of the process they are given the option to purchase the report for $499.99 as an annual subscription. This subscription gives them the ability to login and updates the numbers for a year. 

With the annual subscription, they receive a BizEquity branded report. However they do not have access to valuation support from us, we would prefer these business owners to run BizEquity user rather than our site, we even give them an option to be "Matched" with a user in their area instead of paying for the report.