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Accessing Your Unique SmartLink

Much like your Personalized BizEquity URL is a branded front door for prospects to start a valuation on a firm level, the Smart Link creates an advisor specific link. In offices with multiple users, this is most commonly placed in email signatures, advisor specific newsletter promotions or as a link to prospects.

When a valuation is started using a Smart Link, the business will automatically be assigned to the advisor the Smart Link belongs to.

To use your Smart Link, copy the URL address in the pop-up box and send it to your client or prospect.

In addition to the Smart Link, we also provide each user with their own personal Short Link. A Short Link acts just like a Smart Link and directs back to the White Label home page. This can be beneficial when executing a social media campaign. Short Links are easy to post and are commonly seen in platforms such as Twitter, where a character limit may hinder the use of a long URL address.


-Select "Your Name" in the top right

-Select "User Profile"

-Select "SmartLink" this link be copied and pasted and sent to anyone. This link is specific to your company console.

Old System:

To Access your SmartLink

-Select "Your Name"

-Select "Companies Console"

-Select "SmartLink"

-Copy that link and send it to business owners or promote within your network.