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What is the Insurance Value Report?

If your account does not currently have the Insurance Value Report as part of the subscription and you would like to add it please reach out to to discuss pricing. 

Attached is a sample Insurance Value report. Attached is also a sample IV Report. Sample IV Report.pdf

The Insurance Value Report is a new feature from BizEquity to help ensure business owners are properly protected. In creating this new report and online service, BizEquity seeks to help advisors understand their prospects’ needs prior to the underwriting process. It is part of our mission to democratize Big Data for Small Businesses anywhere.

BizEquity’s patent-pending coverage engine computes these numerical results based upon primary research conducted by our Chief Valuation Officer, advisor office has driven research studies, and industry researched best practices.

The coverage engine is industry, size, and geo-location dependent. Specific carrier underwriting analytics and advanced sales and marketing insight should be leveraged during the sales process and are recommended to ensure the right solution is tailored to your clients’ needs. The results generated by our coverage engine in our Insurance Value report are meant to serve as a guide during the needs assessment phase of the selling process conducted by the advisor. While our engine is proprietary the results depend upon user-generated inputs during our patented 7 step business valuation process.