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How Do I Explain the Accuracy of a BizEquity Business Valuation?

BizEquity uses over 2 dozen data providers, multiple industry comparables, and anatomized IRS data to provide accurate business valuations. Our largest data provider is Equifax, which we monitor and filter monthly to ensure that our data is current and dependable. We have been approved and certified by the American Banker's Association, KPMG, and our valuation practices have been validated by the IRS. We have also been analyzed and approved by multiple Broker-Dealers and Institutions, including MassMutual, Mutual of Omaha, Guardian, Envestnet, PennMutual, Security Mutual Life, AXA, and MetroBank.

We use our patented algorithm to analyze and calculate an accurate valuation based on industry comparables and business valuation standards. Our algorithm was designed by Scott Gabehart, our Chief Valuation Officer, who has performed over 1000 valuations, has written numerous books on the subject, and has taught in several academic institutions throughout the United States on business valuations. Our software algorithm presents an Equity Valuation as well as Enterprise, Liquidation, and Asset Sale Valuations in order to provide multiple valuations for every situation. Each one of these is produced by our patented and approved algorithm.

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